Top Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Neon Yellow SAXEM Watch

Hublot first used SAXEM in 2019 for the Big Bang MP-11, which featured the material in a vivid color of emerald green. After three years of further experimentation and refinement, Hublot Replica Review has created a version of the material that is in a bright neon yellow color that almost has the same unnatural fluorescent hue as the popular soda Mountain Dew.

Similar to sapphire, SAXEM is completely transparent and highly resistant to wear and damage, although it is capable of being produced in richer, more brilliant colors. Additionally, due to the Swiss Hublot Replica Site absence of tension within the material, SAXEM offers greater stability when it comes to shaping, and the cubic crystalline structure of the material itself allows it to appear with the same shade and intensity of color, regardless of the angle that it is being viewed.

It measures 44mm in diameter by 14.4mm thick, with angular multi-component case structure that features integrated lugs, along with the Big Bang’s signature bezel that includes six exposed screws in polished and micro-blasted titanium. Protecting both the dial side of the Hublot Replica Swiss Movement and set into the caseback are clear sapphire crystals that offer an unobstructed view of the skeletonized movement, while water resistance comes in at 30 meters to protect against any incidental contact.

Just like its orange and purple sapphire predecessors, the dial of the Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Neon Yellow SAXEM is crafted from clear sapphire in order to create an open appearance and reveal as much of the HUB6035 automatic movement as possible. At the center of the Hublot Swiss Replica dial are a pair of skeletonized hands for displaying the hours and minutes, while the movement itself has been open-worked to remove as much of its material as possible and it even features sapphire bridges for an entirely unobstructed view of its gear train and escapement.

Running at a frequency of 21,600vph (3 Hz) and offering users a power reserve of approximately 72 hours, this is the Hublot Replica Watches For Sale exact same movement that can be found inside the purple and orange sapphire versions of this watch, although the hands and hour markers fitted to this new version are finished in fluorescent yellow to match its case.